Firefox’s Fifth Birthday Celebrated with Some Amazing Art

Firefox owes its success to a solid list of features and its overall quality, but it also owes a lot to the Mozilla community and people all over the world who got behind the project and promoted it to their friends and families and everywhere else they could. This community spirit is alive today, five years after Firefox landed, and Mozilla is regularly organizing competitions and events to engage the regular users. Just recently it wrapped up two challenges, one to celebrate Firefox’s fifth birthday and another one dubbed “Light the World with Firefox.”

“[W]e’d like to announce the winner of the Mozilla Creative Collective Five Years of Firefox challenge — Rogelio Calamaya, Jr., also known as Lucero,” the announcement on the Mozilla blog read. “As inspiration for his design, Rogelio imagined a busy Firefox who’s always running around, stepping away from his 5th birthday party for a second to rest and enjoy some cake.”

The goal of the Five Years of Firefox challenge was to create a poster for the occasion which could then be used as part of the official Firefox artwork either online or in related merchandise. Firefox has a vibrant community of designers over at creative.mozilla.com that regularly post artwork mostly related to the browser. Those wanting to enter the competition had to upload their entries to the site and Mozilla picked the winner from the top five entries as voted by the community.
Unrelated to the competition but part of Mozilla alternative marketing effort, the foundation asked its users to light up their cities with Firefox logos or anything having to do with the browser. People all over the world contributed and Mozilla has selected some of the more interesting entries. Meanwhile, Mozilla developers are putting the finishing touches on Firefox 3.6, the first big update after the five year celebration. The release candidate version was just revealed and the final version should be coming soon.

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