Sunlinq USB Mini and USB Plus Are Out for Grabs

Every time you go hiking in the mountains, there’s always that friend that phones Sunlinq-USB-Mini-and-USB-Plus-Are-Out-for-Grabs-2you to ask “how it is up there,” although they have seen the location many times before, or in some cases, there are more important phone calls to be received while on a trip, like that of your house being on fire. In the worse case, you forgot to recharge your MP3 Player and that is where portable solar chargers come in. I mean, you couldn’t go in the wild without your gadgets, right?

Global Solar Energy has been making such devices for some time (ten years, to be precise) and now has two models of thin film. Sunlinq Mini and Sunlinq Plus run on flexible solar cells and are compatible with any item that has a Universal Serial Bus port. Due to the thin film form factor, these chargers should be extremely easy to carry whenever, wherever, unlike chunky, plasticky types of chargers.

“The proliferation of power hungry portable electronics and our mobile society continue to drive demand for lightweight portable solar chargers to deliver power on the go, wherever you are,” says Jim Kimbrough, North American sales manager for Global Solar. “With the addition of our SUNLINQ USB Mini and Plus Global Solar, [we] can address the growing list of more than two billion electronic devices capable of charging via USB technology.”

Because of the USB connection, they had to be adapted to the 5V standard. Don’t worry about where you can use them, because Global Solar likes to build chargers that meet military standards and these two even have an SAE-2-prong trailer plug that is water-resistant. Whether you carry them on your back or in your hands, the weight of approximately 3.5 lbs should be no bother even for kids.

From charging your GPS to charging four AA batteries, the difference between the Sunlinq Mini and the Sunlinq Plus is about two hours. For instance, an iPod will be charged in two to four hours on a Mini, while the Plus will do it in one to three hours.