DuaLink Splitter from CableJive Is Now Available

Since we use USB ports a lot, we often run out of them. You just cannot have two many Universal Serial Bus ports. I am sure you often find yourselves running around the office looking for a spare USB that you can use when your iPod is about to discharge.

You can relax now with the duaLink Splitter from CableJive, which lets you connect two Apple devices at once via a USB port. No more stress and running around the office whenever you’re iPod is about to run out of juice and while you’re charging it, plug in the iPhone as well for a quick refill.

The duaLink is compatible only with the USBDuaLink-Splitter-from-CableJive-Is-Now-Available-2 2.0 protocol and works as a syncing device as well. Imagine now the possibilities that lay before you in iTunes with both iPod and iPhone connected to your computer. This is actually a very practical way to transfer files from one of the three to another, without the discomfort of carrying and using extra cables. Also practical for identical twins that have identical gadgets. One cable, two identically satisfied costumers.

The cable is 23 cm (9 inches) long, and the durable housing and heavy-duty wires that are used in making it are supposed to outlive you and your gadgets. While using this cable offers a few extra options and possibilities for people that own more than one Apple item, it is a more practical approach to charging/syncing. Also, you will probably be very happy to hear that the only incompatibility it has is with the iPod shuffle, the rest of the models working just fine.

CableJive offers lifetime warranty for the duaLink Splitter and the price you have to pay to own it is $25.95.

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