JVC Tells the Story of Three Little Receivers

Those of you that are “lucky” enough to work very far away from home probably know what it means to spend many hours in a car. Without any sort of entertainment, the daily drive from and to work would be a painfully boring experience, so any type of media content is appreciated/recommended.

JVC mobile promises to improve your in-vehicle experience with three new multimedia receivers that have 7-inch touch panel screens and are compatible with the Universal Serial Bus 2.0 protocol for two-way iPod control. The most appraised receiver is the KW-AVX830 with its 7-band iEQ and detachable face. Formats such as WMV, MP3 or WAV should have no trouble running on the multimedia gadget that is gonna rock your driving. SAT and HD ready, the KW-AVX830 comes even with a wireless remote control.

Newly launched this year, the KW-AVX793 model is quite similar to the previous one and can be turned into a capable Bluetooth machine if used together with a KS-BTA200 adapter. It has just three sets of 5V pre-outs unlike the KW-AVX830, which has five of them.

The DVD/CD receiver that JVC Mobile outed last year, KW-AVX720, is back on the market with MOS-FET 50 watts x4 and Dolby Digital sound compatibility. It is also the cheapest of the three, at a MSRP of $499.95. Fortunately, it’s the only one available right away as you will have to wait for the first two models until March.

Although very similar in specs, you will be the one deciding whether the advantages every receiver has over the others is worth the price difference or not. KW-AVX830 costs $649.95, which is $100 USD more than the KW-AVX793.
 Multimedia receivers are more or less the ultimate solution when trying to avoid boredom on long trips. They can keep the children happy and bring a small dose of bling to your vehicle as well.

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