Nokia’s Wireless Loopset LPS-5 Connects to Hearing Aids

You know, I always like it when manufacturers unveil products that aid people better come around their disabilities, and this time, it is Nokia, with its Wireless Loopset LPS-5. The thing you see to your left connects to users’ T-coil-equipped hearing aid to provide a better audio quality for any handsfree conversation.

The LPS-5 embeds an adjustable sidetone and optimized frequency response and volume range, for ensuring a better compatibility and audio quality. As for the design, this was definitely built for everyday use, given the compact and lightweight design, as well as the durable materials used in the fabrication process. User friendliness is served right on the plate, with a vibrating alert for not missing a call, while the comfy send/receive key allows customers to be in control.

Getting to the physical properties, the LPS-5 has a weight of only 60 grams, and sports a 62cm long cable. Operation keys include the multifunction key for call handling and the volume controls. With a maximum operating range of about 10 meters, the Loopset will provide an operating time of approximately six hours, a stand-by time of up to 110 hours, while the charging time takes just 1 hour for the built-in 3.7V 180mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. Mind only that this has a (probably) proprietary charging interface, 2mm in size.

Connectivity is ensured by Bluetooth 2.1, with HFP 1.5, HSP 1.1 and A2DP 1.0 compliance, while supporting a maximum of eight devices paired, one at a time. Compatible with virtually any device that supports the aforementioned specifications, the Nokia Wireless Loopset LPS-5 has quite a spicy price of $270.60, an amount, which I don’t see many willing to pay for such a device.

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