Option’s iCON505M 3G USB Modem Achieves 16MB/s Read Speed Thanks to QuickLogic CSSP

QuickLogic Corporation, one of the leading providers of low power programmable solutions, has proudly announced that its Customer Specific Standard Products have been adopted by Option Wireless in a line of 3G Cat9 (10.1Mbps) and Cat10 (14.4Mbps) HSDPA USB modems for wireless communications over cellular networks. Option is one of the global leaders in the wireless technology field, and focuses on design, development and manufacture of innovative solutions to meet the needs of consumers and businesses in what regards high-quality wireless broadband access to Internet, virtually anywhere and anytime.


The latest products from Option, the iCON505M series of 3G USB modems provide users with the ability to add up to 32GB storage capacity via micro SD memory to the modem, in order to increase versatility in sharing of downloaded content with smartphones, smartbooks, netbooks and other consumer electronic devices, as well as simplify exchange between different PCs and transfer between digital cameras and PCs. The overall customer demand is for higher transfer rates of multimedia files, a demand that is much harder to be met today than in the past.

Nevertheless, in an industry standard performance benchmark test, the Option iCON505M model with the QuickLogic CSSP went up to 16MB/sec in reading speed and 7.4MB/sec in write speed, when transferring files between a notebook PC and the microSD memory card in the modem, while a competitor modem that lacks the QuickLogic CSSP was rated at under 1MB/sec in both write and read. Last, I will leave Martin Croome, Option’s vice president of marketing, tell you something.


“We are thrilled to hear the results of the QuickLogic benchmark test. This confirms Option’s strategy to use quality solutions, such as QuickLogic’s CSSPs, to deliver high performance 3G USB Modems. This is particularly important in view of Option’s strong strategic orientation toward value-added services and applications, such as uCAN Move. The uCAN Move application allows professionals and consumers to access their applications, content and personal internet connection with one click from any PC.”

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