While China isn’t exactly known for creating original products when it comes to their own design, once in awhile we’ll be surprised at the devices they can come up with. Case in point, Oppo’s first ever smartphone, the X903. Running on Android, this phone sure doesn’t fail in the looks department but it is only mediocre when it comes to specs, especially when put up against other high-end devices from other manufacturers. But hey – what were you expecting? The X903 packs a 1GHz processor with 3D graphics accelerator (manufacturer not mentioned), an 8-megapixel camera (supports 720p HD video recording), 3G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a very interestingly-skinned Android 2.2 operating system. Judging by screenshots of the device, it looks like a cross between iOS and Android, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about it. No word on pricing or release date


Further confirmation of MacBook and MacBook Pro rumors

We’ve all heard about the refresh of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The rumors have been flying, and it’s hard to not start believing at least some of them when they all go in the same direction.

As we reported earlier this afternoon, AppleInsider is adding to the rumors with their latest about the laptops. They say (from sources who admittedly don’t have a long track record) that the new laptops are going to share design inspirations from both the MacBook Air and the current iMac. This suggests that the new design will look something like the render above, only with tapered edges.

The MacBooks and MacBook Pros are supposed to look like they come from the same product family, which is very different from how things are now. Currently, you can tell the difference between the two by case design. MacBooks are plastic, and MacBook Pros are aluminum. Assuming this changes, the only cosmetic differences will be the screen size.

The design of the case is likely to have tapered edges, like the MacBook Air, iPhone 3G and the second generation iPod touch.  It is said to be offset with hints of black, just like the current iMac.

But they don’t stop at case design rumors. No, apparently Apple is trying to reduce the size of these new laptops by swapping out ports. The MacBook Pro’s standard DVI port may be replaced with a much smaller mini-DVI port. So, you’ll need an adapter to use a standard DVI cable. Also, the FireWire 400 port is said to be replaced with a FireWire 800 port. AppleInsider is quick to point out that a Firewire 800 and 3200 port look exactly the same, so this could potentially be more of an upgrade.

I think all of these rumors are completely safe. The case design for the new MacBooks is almost an inevitability. With the MacBook Air, iPhone 3G, and second generation iPod touch, I think it’s clear that Apple likes their tapering designs. And the black offsettings of the iMac are certainly welcome in new laptops, as far as I’m concerned.

What this article doesn’t talk about is the “brick” or multitouch in any form, and I’m sad, since that’s what I think we all really want to hear about. Who knows? Maybe this brick business is all just a big joke from Apple. Maybe the brick is just a Windows PC running Vista.—By Jake

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