CableLabs starts testing 3D

The cable industry’s research and development arm has proudly announced that 3D testing is on. This will allow TV manufactures and cable companies to begin having their equipment tested for 3D interoperability. Along the way CableLabs has also confirmed that many of the existing set-top boxes will work with “frame-compatible” 3D formats — like side by side pictured above. This is exactly what DirecTV announced it would use and is the very same standards that HDMI added to the spec. Basically it allows providers to dedicate the same amount of bandwidth to 3D as it was to 2D. Of course this means that the resolution is cut in half (horizontally in the case of side by side) but we’re told that sharpness isn’t as perceivable in 3D as it is in 2D and after seeing the DirecTV 3D demo at CES, we believe it. Unlike the adoption of HD, it doesn’t look like the cable industry is going to let the satellite companies run away with the new technology unchallenged like last time.


HD TiVo due 2010


In this interesting fate of TiVo piece in Multichannel news this week, littered among all the reasons TiVo may or may not make it through the next couple of years was this little gem about the new DirecTV TiVo HD. Previously promised to be released during 2009 and then delayed until sometime in 2010, Multichannel news now says it is actually anticipated in the spring of 2010. Which means that if it doesn’t get delayed again, it will have taken just under two years since the announcement for it to hit the street. Does that sound ridiculous to anyone else?