Kanex Mini DisplayPort Adapter


Your Mac mini cranks out its video via DisplayPort and audio via a mini Toslink. Chances are your home entertainment system doesn’t like either of those. It will, however, like the Kanex Mini DisplayPort Adapter, which can turn a DisplayPort video signal into a 1080p signal over HDMI, and will even integrate either digital or analog audio into the mix. It’s USB powered, so there’s no need for a clunky power adapter, and while $70 isn’t particularly cheap for a chubby cable ($50 for the USB analog audio model), it’s about the cleanest way to get your Mini pumping tunes and vids through your system.


The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Finally Gets Audio Through USB

Apogee Inc., a manufacturer of AV and computer related products, has announced the long awaited Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that also sports USB digital audio to be added to the Kanex series of adapters for DVI, VGA and HDMI. Due to this new adapter, the newer MacBooks with mini DisplayPorts can be connected to a HD source a lot easier and have digital audio output through the same adapter.
Opinions about the first Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter without audio where mixed up. The ones that needed it for applications that didn’t require audio were satisfied with it, while the others were criticizing that exact lack. They were complaining about the multiple cables they had to use besides the adapter, like a 3.5mm to RCA to output audio from their MacBooks.
Another problem with the original Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter was with certain HDTV models that ignore all other audio outputs when a HDMI is plugged in, therefore lacking sound. An alternative solution that many used was routing a separate audio system with their HDTV. The new Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter was developed to meet new users’ requests and solve the problems that older ones confronted.
Users kept wondering why isn’t it possible to have audio as well coming through the adapter, since HDMI supports both audio and video signals. The new adapter sports digital audio that is output through the USB ports from the MacBooks. USB audio was built-in the adapter with HDMI output to allow the audio to pass through. Actually, two USB 2.0 ports are also located very conveniently, next to the Mini DisplayPort to allow easy access to plug both cables in.
Specifications are still similar to those of the old Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, which is still in version 1.3b and supports resolutions of up to 1080p. It even looks similar to the current adapter, with the only noticeable difference for the new one will be the extra USB cable next to it. The new adapter also supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM. Release date for the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter with USB audio was stated around Sep. 2009. No other product information, availability or pricing was currently announced.


Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter available, HDCP compliant

If you’ve been waiting for a way to connect your Mini DisplayPort-equipped Mac to an HDTV via HDMI, Knoxed has got you covered. The company has begun taking orders for its 12.99GBP  Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter, which are expected to begin shipping this Friday.

The adapter is most significant in that it finally allows protected HD content, like that available from the iTunes Store, to be displayed on an HDTV. DisplayPort, mini or otherwise, supports the HDCP encryption scheme designed to “prevent pirating” of HD content. Unfortunately for users of new Macs, most monitors don’t support the standard—but luckily HDTVs do. Gizmodo got a unit to test and they say it works as advertised.

The adapter will transmit audio data along with video if a device’s Mini-DP supports it, however Apple’s implementation on all current Macs does not. It should especially be useful to folks using a Mac mini as an HTPC, but also for folks hooking up a MacBook or MacBook Pro to watch occasional content as well (hello, Hulu). Knoxed is also known for its other display adapters that are usually far cheaper than Apple’s own options.