iGo Portable Pico-Projector

Flip Video’s other notable partnership in the new Designed for Flip accessory program is iGo, who have put together a pico-projector for the company’s UltraHD and MinoHD camcorders.  Unlike the Mikey for Flip, which physically snaps onto the bottom of your Flip, the iGo Portable Projector uses an adapter cable; it also has regular A/V, composite video, stereo audio, mini HDMI, VGA and microUSB inputs.


That actually makes for a reasonable flexible pico-projector in its own right, and the iGo is capable of a 1200 x 800 picture in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and with 20 ANSI lumens brightness.


Cisco’s E-Series wireless home routers


Cisco today unveiled a new line of Linksys® wireless routers, designed to let its core audience of tech experts and enthusiasts take their home networking experience to the next level. The new, streamlined product lineup sets a new precedent for simplicity, power, and performance and makes it easy for consumers to find the right technology to fit their needs. The line also includes new Cisco Connect software, which gives users tools for easier customization and control of their home wireless experience.

“Linksys pioneered the first home router 10 years ago, and 50 million units later is the world’s leading provider of home wireless routers,” said Jonathan Kaplan, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco Consumer Products. “The new E-Series caters to Linksys’ core technology-minded consumer base, with a simplified product line-up that is ideal for today’s sophisticated home network user.”

Cisco Connect Software: Simple Setup with Advanced Capabilities

With the addition of the new Cisco Connect software, the new Linksys E-Series is designed to make it easier for users to customize and control their wireless network settings to match their preferences. With a quick and easy setup, the software auto-assigns the WPA security passkey and SSID. Once configured, users can use Cisco Connect to easily manage their wireless home network by:

* Adding multiple Internet-capable devices to the network
* Setting parental controls for each computer or device
* Giving visitors password-protected Internet access on a separate guest network
* Customizing advanced settings and changing the network SSID and password

For the advanced user, Linksys’ advanced features are still available through the default IP address (

Product Descriptions and Pricing

The new Linksys E-Series line offers a full range of technology options to help users find what works best for them. The new line, including a USB Wireless-N Adapter, is available immediately at Amazon, Staples, Linksys.com, and soon at Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and other leading retailers.

Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router (MSRP: $79.99)

* Wirelessly connects computers and other devices at transfer speeds up to 300 Mbps
* Uses four Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) ports to directly connect wired devices
* Ideal for general wireless Internet usage and home office productivity

Linksys E2000 Advanced Wireless-N Router (MSRP: $119.99)

* Includes four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) ports for faster file sharing with other Gigabit-enabled devices, including computers, hard drives, and servers
* Features selectable dual-band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) technology to help avoid interference, allowing for smoother file transfers and media streaming
* Ideal for connecting computers, gaming consoles, Internet-enabled HDTVs and Blu-Ray players, and other wireless devices at transfer speeds up to 300 Mbps

Linksys E2100L Advanced Wireless-N Router with Linux OS: (MSRP: $119.99)

* Utilizes the Linux operating system for flexibility to customize the network
* Uses four Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) ports to directly connect wired devices
* Built-in UPnP AV Media Server streams entertainment content to an Xbox 360, PS3 or other compatible device
* USB port provides connectivity to storage devices for file sharing at home or over the Internet

Linksys E3000 High-Performance Wireless-N Router (Dual-Band): (MSRP: $179.99)

* Features simultaneous dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), high-performance Wireless-N technology for smoother HD video streaming, wireless gaming and file transfers
* Includes four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) ports for faster file sharing with other USB port and provides connectivity to storage devices for file sharing at home or over the Internet
* Built-in UPnP AV media server enables streaming of entertainment content to an Xbox 360, PS3 or other compatible device
* Optimized for entertainment, ideal for connecting computers, gaming consoles, Internet-enabled HDTVs and Blu-Ray players, and other wireless devices at transfer speeds up to 300 Mbps

Linksys AE1000 High-Performance Wireless-N USB Adapter: (MSRP: $69.99)

* Provides Wireless-N capability to Windows desktop computers and laptops
* Selectable dual-band wireless-N – connects to either a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless network
* Includes USB extension cable and adapter base for improved wireless connectivity – ideal for hard-to-reach USB ports


DuaLink Splitter from CableJive Is Now Available

Since we use USB ports a lot, we often run out of them. You just cannot have two many Universal Serial Bus ports. I am sure you often find yourselves running around the office looking for a spare USB that you can use when your iPod is about to discharge.

You can relax now with the duaLink Splitter from CableJive, which lets you connect two Apple devices at once via a USB port. No more stress and running around the office whenever you’re iPod is about to run out of juice and while you’re charging it, plug in the iPhone as well for a quick refill.

The duaLink is compatible only with the USBDuaLink-Splitter-from-CableJive-Is-Now-Available-2 2.0 protocol and works as a syncing device as well. Imagine now the possibilities that lay before you in iTunes with both iPod and iPhone connected to your computer. This is actually a very practical way to transfer files from one of the three to another, without the discomfort of carrying and using extra cables. Also practical for identical twins that have identical gadgets. One cable, two identically satisfied costumers.

The cable is 23 cm (9 inches) long, and the durable housing and heavy-duty wires that are used in making it are supposed to outlive you and your gadgets. While using this cable offers a few extra options and possibilities for people that own more than one Apple item, it is a more practical approach to charging/syncing. Also, you will probably be very happy to hear that the only incompatibility it has is with the iPod shuffle, the rest of the models working just fine.

CableJive offers lifetime warranty for the duaLink Splitter and the price you have to pay to own it is $25.95.


Stay Connected at All Times with Wi-Fire from hField

Stay-Connected-at-All-Times-With-Wi-Fire-from-hField-2Just in case you often find yourself in areas where an internet connection is not available, hField has introduced a new USB Wi-Fi Adapter that will allow you to discover connections even from a military concrete bunker. Well, probably not, but it will come in handy when in need of a faster, more stable connection in a location that is unfamiliar to you. You can use it at home too, of course, especially if you have problems with the wireless link.
The Wi-Fire will work with Windows, Linux and Mac computers and it will probably remind you of Apple AirPort. hField says that it is the fastest adapter on the market right now an that it works on a range of 1,000 feet, while maintaining a stable connection.

This is good news for the internet-dependent working class hero. Actually, anyone can be frustrated when in a dead spot without being able to send a very important email. Not to mention if you are in a situation where you have limited time to chat with your loved ones, and you can’t get more than a few lines.

“Wi-Fire is the perfect device – light weight and easy to use – for the seriously mobile computer user with high bandwidth needs, and those who have problems connecting to their regular wireless network because of distance, obstacles or other interference,” said Tom DiClemente, hField’s CEO. “We’re dedicated to empowering people to connect better, faster and more economically. And now, Wi-Fire offers a compelling Mac feel!”

The adapter has special software for Mac users, similar to the AirPort and compatible with OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6. The palm-sized 802.11 wireless adapter retails for $59 and the extra software can be downloaded from hField’s website.

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Firewire : Keep Our Ports On HD Set-Tops


Opposes Intel’s Waiver Request to FCC Rule Mandating IEEE 1394 on Cable Boxes

The 1394 Trade Association opposes Intel’s request for a waiver to the Federal Communications Commission’s rules requiring an IEEE 1394 interface — also known as FireWire — on cable operators’ HD set-top boxes.

Intel in October requested a waiver to the FCC rule, which is intended to allow consumers to connect HDTVs and other devices to leased cable boxes, arguing that since it was adopted in 2005 “the marketplace has shifted away from little-used and very expensive 1394 technology to the widely-deployed IP technologies.” The chip giant called the regulation requiring 1394 “a technological ‘bridge to nowhere’” and suggested that HD cable boxes include an IP-based interface like Ethernet.

Without a waiver to the 1394 requirement, according to Intel, it would be “cost-prohibitive” to produce system-on-a-chip products for operator-sourced set-tops. According to Intel, a chip that supports IEEE 1394 costs more than $5 compared with “a few cents per device” for a chip that supports IP networks.

In a Dec. 9 filing, the 1394 trade group insisted that FireWire is “widely deployed and accepted by consumers.” It pointed out that, contrary to Intel’s implication, FireWire actually does support IP-based services and claimed Ethernet doesn’t offer any advantages over FireWire on that score. In April 2008, for example, the 1394 Trade Association announced its 1 billionth shipment of FireWire ports, of which 25 million are in set-top boxes.

However, the trade group did not in its opposition filing dispute Intel’s assertion that chips that support FireWire cost an order of magnitude more than Ethernet-based components.

Members of the 1394 Trade Association include Apple, Texas Instruments, Funai Electric, Hitachi, LSI, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba.

The trade group also said Intel’s waiver request is too broad. Intel had cited the waiver the FCC granted to Cable One in May allowing the operator to deploy one-way, low-cost HD set-tops with integrated security in its Dyersburg, Tenn., system, under which the agency also waived the 1394 output requirement because the costs would “outweigh the potential benefits” to consumers. The 1394 Trade Association said the FCC’s decision in that case was much more narrow in scope than the latitude Intel’s waiver petition seeks.

Separately, TiVo also is seeking a waiver to the FireWire regulation from the FCC as it pertains to RCN’s plans to offer TiVo HD DVRs to its subscribers in early 2010.

“The 1394 interface is not widely used today,” TiVo said. “Adding a 1394 port to TiVo DVRs would add to their cost without significant consumer benefit.”

On another tangent, the FCC, as part of its national broadband plan, last Thursday issued a request for information on “video device innovation,” focused on how set-top boxes could help spur the viewing of video over the Internet.


ZyXEL’s World’s First Fixed LTE CPE/SOHO Router


ZyXEL Communications Inc., a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet connectivity and routing products, today announced the ZLR-2070S, the world’s first fixed LTE (Long Term Evolution) CPE/SOHO router. The ZLR-2070S is an all-in-one, multi-service gateway that leverages compact, system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology to deliver cost-effective, non-FPGA-based LTE connectivity. ZyXEL will demonstrate the device live at CES 2010 at their suite in the Renaissance Hotel.

LTE is the next major phase in wireless communications technology and delivers blazing-fast multimedia connectivity on an all-IP platform. Consumers will experience an impressive upgrade in services and performance — on all Internet-enabled fixed and mobile devices connected via LTE. LTE also opens the floodgates for a new era of connectivity in industries ranging from consumer electronics to appliances, health care, public utilities and telematics.

Ideal for residences and SOHOs, the ZLR-2070S is a feature-rich, future-proof hardware platform optimized for multi service. This includes broadband Internet connectivity, two VoIP ports, home networking via a four-port, 11n wireless switch, a USB port (to share devices, such as printers and storage). Service providers also can use the ZLR-2070S to enable Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and other smart home automation services.

Moreover, the ZLR-2070S offers data rates with up to 50Mbps throughput, which is faster than 3G technologies like HSPA / EV-DO. Based on the router’s 4G wireless connectivity, the device is ideal for operators looking to provide service in rural or other traditionally under-served markets where new wireline deployments are cost-prohibitive. This level of portability also makes the device ideal for any scenario in which customers need high-speed, multi-user Internet access in a temporary location, such as construction sites or special events.

“ZyXEL is excited to lead the LTE revolution by bringing innovative solutions to service providers,” said Brian Feng, senior vice president, key accounts business unit for ZyXEL. “We are proud to offer service providers the ability to bring wireless high speed Internet access to millions including those in under-served markets.”


Centon Electronics Launching Major League Baseball Licensed USB Keychain Flash Drives

Centon Electronic Incorporated, another manufacturer and designer of DRAM and Flash-based memory products, just announced its release of the officially licensed MLAB Key chain USB Flash Drives. The above named maker is authorized by Major League Baseball Properties to release the officially licensed Key chain USB drives that feature the logos of all 30 Major League Baseball teams.

Having an officially licensed MLB USB Flash drive is just another way of showing your fan support, but in a more fun and unique way than the regular t-shirts, caps and others alike. Come to think about it, this is even a useful thing, considering that you can store, share and transfer data with your friends, or just your own – from school to home and vice versa, for example. Adding the reliability and the compact form factor to all of the above makes the MLB Key chain USB flash drives an easy and convenient way to keep important files with you on the go.

“We’re always looking for new ways to allow our fans to express their devotion to their team and to Major League Baseball,” said Howard Smith, Senior Vice President, Licensing, Major League Baseball. “Our fans also are very quick to embrace technology, so we’re happy to partner with Centon to offer these exciting products that will enhance our fans’ connection to the game.”


ASUS O!Play HD Media Player

Asus has announced a new model of its O!Play HD media player, the Air HDP-R3. The new O!Play brings WiFi, as well as a card reader, while the rest of the features remains the same as on the previously released ASUS O!Play HDP-R1.

The new O!Play AIR HDP-R3 comes equipped with 802.11n WiFi, as well as the card reader for CF, SD/MMC and Memory Sticks (MS/MS Duo) cards. The rest of the features remained the same as this one still supports MPEG1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, RM/RMVB video formats in almost every known container, including popular avi, mkv, wmv, mp4, mov and a bunch of others. It also supports almost every known audio format.

It has HDMI 1.3, composite audio/video and optical digital audio outputs and has one USB 2.0, one eSATA/USB2.0 combo port, one RJ-45 LAN port and a card reader. The dimensions remain at the same 181×125.3×47.7mm, and the only design touch is the WiFi indicator LED on the front of the device.

It is nice to see that Asus included WiFi on its O!Play HD media player as it is much easier to share media content over network and without cables. We just hope that WiFi and a card reader won’t affect the price which unfortunately hasn’t been announced. The WiFi-less ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 is available at around €90, and we just hope that the new one won’t be much pricier.



ViewSonic’s VMP70 media player


The WD TV is still more or less the king of the tiny media player boxes, but now Viewsonic is getting into the game at a lower price point — and minus the whole network compatibility bit. The VMP70 is a “direct connect” media device, so it will play content from your choice of USB-compatible storage, pumping it at up to 1080p to your display over HDMI or component cables, also sporting composite for lower-def fare. It packs an S/PDIF port to get clean audio, and supports a slew of formats including the usual suspects (DivX,Xvid,H.264) along with some slightly less usual ones (RM/RMVB, DTS, OGG). It’s all available for an MSRP of $129.99, but order now and you’ll get special holiday pricing of $98.99. Operators are standing by… somewhere… probably.


Western Digital WD TV Live HD media player


WD(R) Unveils WD TV(TM) Live HD Media Player With Network Capability and Enhanced User Experience

Consumers Can Stream HD Content from USB Drives, Network Drives and Popular Internet Sites to Their Big Screen TVs

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — WD® (NYSE: WDC), the world’s leader in external storage solutions, today introduced the WD TV Live HD media player featuring network capability and Full-HD 1080p resolution. The new WD TV Live HD media player makes it easy for anyone to play HD (high definition) videos stored on USB and network drives, as well as Internet content from popular Web sites, on the biggest screen in their home — their HD television. Building on the success of the WD TV HD media player, the WD TV Live HD media player offers a new, more responsive interface to help consumers enjoy a world of digital content in their living room, without a computer.

The network capability of the WD TV Live media player enables users to stream or transfer movies from PC or Mac® computers or a network-attached storage device such as WD’s My Book® World Edition(TM) and WD ShareSpace network drives to their HD TVs. The WD TV Live media player also allows users to stream rich content from YouTube(TM), Flickr® and Pandora®. The HD onscreen menu brings together all of the users’ available media in an elegant and simple-to-navigate interface.

Consumers are amassing large libraries of digital videos, photos and music on their computers. According to research firm Parks Associates, the average consumer had 123 GB of videos, photos, and music in 2009 which will grow to 1.3 TB by 2013 (Digital Lifestyles: 2009 Outlook). In addition, an increasing number of consumers are looking for seamless access to their personal media, as well as to Internet media. According to Parks Associates, the sales of connected consumer electronics devices, such as connected TVs and digital media adapters, is expected to more than double from 57 million units in 2009 to 115 million units in 2013 (Home Networks for Consumer Electronics 2009).

Consumers are investing millions of dollars in HD TVs, with HD televisions representing more than 50 percent of TVs sold in the U.S., according to Parks Associates (Home Networks for Consumer Electronics 2009). But consumers’ digital content is often relegated to the relatively small screen on their PC or Mac computers. The WD TV Live HD media player is the newest member in the family of WD TV media players by WD, which make moving digital content from a computer to playing it on a big screen TV simply plug-and-play.

Like the popular first-generation WD TV HD media player introduced last fall, the WD TV Live media player connects directly to a users’ HD TV and plays almost any file stored on a connected USB drive such as My Passport(TM) portable drive. The WD TV Live media player features powerful media processing, which enables playback in Full-HD 1080p resolution. WD TV Live media player also will play movies and photos stored on other popular USB devices such as digital camcorders and digital cameras.

“The media enthusiast community has embraced the first WD TV HD media player and given us tremendous feedback,” said Dale Pistilli, vice president of marketing for WD’s branded products group. “With the new WD TV Live media player we’re giving them what they asked for — network connectivity and Internet-content streaming capabilities — and offering them a simple way to enjoy all of their digital media and enjoy it on their HD TVs.”

WD TV Live HD Media Player

Features of the WD TV Live HD Media Player include:

  • Full-HD 1080p video playback and navigation with the included remote control and crisp, animated navigation menus;
  • Play a wide variety of file formats including support for a wide variety of the most popular file formats with no need to spend time transcoding;
  • Play videos, music and photos from the Internet on your big screen TV and discover new music with Pandora Internet radio or listen to thousands of radio stations via Live365 Internet radio;
  • Ethernet port for wired or WiFi connection(1) to access files anywhere on the network to play movies, music, and photos from any PC or drive on a home network;
  • Turns a USB drive(2) into an HD media player and plays content from most popular USB drives, and digital cameras, camcorders, and portable media players that can be recognized as mass storage devices;
  • Unlimited media collection, just add more USB drives for more space;
  • Two USB ports for seamless media playback from multiple USB drives and ability to access them simultaneously while a media library feature collects the content on all the drives into one list sorted by media type;
  • Transfer files by copying, moving or deleting files stored on a USB drive, a network drive, camcorder, or a camera to the attached USB drive using the on-screen menus;
  • Picture Transfer Protocol support to show photos and movies directly from digital camera or video camera and or any digital imaging device that supports Picture Transfer Protocol;
  • Advanced navigation options including thumbnail and list views, media library and search;
  • Photo viewing to create custom slide shows, zoom and pan and search;
  • Movie viewing with fast-forward, rewind, pause, zoom and pan, view subtitles, and search;
  • Music playback with fast-forward, rewind, pause, shuffle, repeat and search;
  • File copying between USB devices;
  • HDMI® 1.3 port, composite video and component video output(3) for the highest quality HDTV or home theater;
  • SPDIF digital output that sends digital signals to your AV receiver for the best surround sound experience; and,
  • Ultra-compact design to fit easily into a home entertainment center.

Pricing and Availability

The WD TV Live Media Player is available now at select retailers and online at shopwd.com. Covered by a 1-year limited warranty, the MSRP for WD TV Live Media Player is $149.99 USD.