Timex Ironman Global Trainer Keeps You Fit for Life

Although the name suggests otherwise, it can be worn by ladies as well. No doubt about it, just as long as you are one of those “I should be in the kitchen” types and not an actual housewife. The Ironman is not designed to track your pace while going out to buy diapers or while grinding cheese for the children’s pizza.Timex-Ironman-Global-Trainer-Keeps-You-Fit-For-Life-2

Timex Ironman is the kind of watch you wear if you already have some trophies or medals in your home. You have to be devoted to sports in order to need such a device. You could use it while jogging just to impress people on the street, but you would just be fooling yourself.

You need a Timex Ironman to get very precise data about running speed, pace, and distance, which you will be running on its training software so that you can improve your performance. This way, you can learn about weaknesses you have, about where you need most improvement or if you are at the peak of your physical aptitudes.

The Timex Ironman Global Trainer Bodylink System uses the SiRFstarIII GPS technology so that you can have all the information you need. The system is built to conquer an Ironman Triathlon and athletes will be using it in their strict practices. The GPS-watch training method is very popular among professional sportsmen and women and they see these watches as tools, not as gadgets.

So that athletes can train anywhere, Timex has made the Ironman Global Trainer waterproof and given it a rechargeable battery that will “help you long time.” Its display is customizable so that it will show you up to four windows rich in precious data gathered in real time.

If there are any athletes anxious to purchase it, I will have to disappoint them because it comes out in September this year.

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